The community to improve farmers´ lives. We improved farmers' live by connecting them to shared goods, services, and opportunities.


Environment with people integrated by their interests and activities


Promoting discussions and actions that improves community life


Independent and collaborative where everyone wins through a balanced way


Straight to the point. Join groups that best meet your needs


Responsive to your mobile device, get access to real time information


Easy to install. Go live and start sharing with few touches

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YouAgro is an application designed to connect community and professionals directly and indirectly involved with agribusiness.

Available for mobile devices with Android and iOS platforms is a helpful tool to sharing and access information, experiences and opportunities in a pratical way increasing the interaction between people involved with agro activities, since producer until consumer.

Market data, professional tips, important agribusiness facts and a lot of content shared by users all over Brazil. The community involved in generating knowledge and benefits for all, driving the shared economy in agriculture, through the application, as virtual window.

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